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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Night To Remember

Fri, Apr. 20 - So my high school has a grad event every year called Night to Remember where the PARENTS plan a night for all the grade 12ers to hang out and chill out at the school. The kids pay $50 for a ticket and the event starts at like 5:30 pm and ends around 2:30 am. Pretty late, right? Oh yeah, and you're locked in til it ends. So no one can leave early if they wanted to. At least there were trained medical people to help out with injuries, etc. This year's theme was SUPERHERO- where people dress up in costumes which I didn't lol.

Krystal & Me | Krystal, Me, Boxxy | Mouat cash

Alexa, Bonnie, Tay, Michelle 

Well it starts early, but the process to get in takes FOREVER. There's so many people, and every one has to go through a check before entering, to make sure there's no sneaking in of drugs or w/e. Then as the night goes on we got to eat food and there was a dance floor next to the tables in the cafeteria. THERE WAS SO MUCH FOOD. Burgers, hot dogs, chips, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, samosas, fondue, sushi, fruit sticks, ETC.

There were four bouncy balloon thingies in the big gym:
  1. Velcro Wall
  2. Boxing with giant air gloves
  3. Running with string attached to your back
  4. Gladiator Jousting arena

    In the small gym, there were activities like:
    • DDR (which Boxxy and I failed at)
    • throwing a roll of toilet paper into a hanging toilet seat
    • stepping onto a platform to push rubber fish in holes
    • throwing sombreros into a stick
    • the wheel of luck using card symbols
    • air hockey
    • free popcorn stall
    • picking a lollipop and if it's coloured at the end of the stick; you get a free stuffed toy or Mouat money - I got the tigger plushie! :D
    Anyways, the events that the parents organized had pretty neat stuff like tattooing. Not the permanent or typical temporary kind but the spray on. I got one on my right arm with a music note and Tay got  two tattoos; one on her neck and another one on her arm. Shantel got her tat on her arm as well. Wow. I guess music notes are pretty popular these days XD. There was also a photo booth that lasted for a few hours which I missed :( Oh well.

    Tay's Chinese Tattoo

    The school's music room evolved into a poker room for the night. In all these games, people try to win Mouat money so they can cash into tickets to put into the draw of their choice: tablet pc, xbox, mani-pedi, cooler, tickets to the Abbotsford Heat.

    Tay's and Shani's tats

    Haha. So Tay and I spent hours tryna win bingo. Then the new guy in charge of Bingo came in to replace one of the parents and he saw our efforts. SO he gave both us so much money that we cashed in for tickets. We were like "YESSSSSSSSSSSSS" and so excited.

    Look at all those tickets!

    Well to end things fast, everyone went to the theater to see who won the draws. I won some gift cert to clay lesson at Clayworks, Mission. Some people won grad packages, and then there was a dude that won a new TV and a girl that won a Toshiba Satellite laptop. These were the draws for just going to the event. Then they announced the winners of the ticket-money draws and after some improv show, everyone got to go home shortly after a slideshow of all the photos taken the night.

    As everyone leaves, the parents gave students a glass grad 2012 cup.

    LOL. You're all probably wondering why I wrote down so much detail. It's simply b/c I have a horrible short term memory and I do not want to forget how I licked Freddie's fruit stick when he told me to get him one. That's what he get for telling him to get him one buahaha.

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