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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Grad 2012

Thursday, May 24th was the day Hawks walk across the stage and receive their diploma!
This year's grad ceremony was so different than last year's!

In the morning, students had to go to the church to do rehearsal. Then hours later to the actual ceremony, you could tell that there could have been much more improvement.

The scholarship students (I was one of them) were called first to the back of the stage. But the Vice Principal missed the first page when she was calling the names. Those people were not in the back but instead in the audience sitting. Since I was in the back, I got to see everyone panicking. The supervisor in the back verified that we were in correct order but since the VP missed the first page, everyone got so confused. People were facepalming at how unorganized the event was. I remember students yelling out the names in the back for the kid to walk up. But that did not work out well. People were freaking out like "omg omg" LOL.

So after the first few names were called, the Vice President and a teacher were having a conversation in front of everyone; teacher tells VP that she missed first page. Haha. I can definitely envision the teachers and school members telling this story for next year's grad and remind them not to do what we did.

Afterwards, the grads threw their caps in the air midway through the ceremony when they were NOT supposed to =_=. WOW just wow. I lost my cap due to that.

But in the end, I guess our year did leave a mark. We were the first school in the district to hold a ceremony (not a great one but at least memorable)

Me, Freddy, Michelle, Boxxy, Bonnie

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