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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hot Pot

So on Friday, Huong picked me up after school and we went to metro. I haven't been there for so long (prob 1-2 years). I got caught by a teacher using Dylan's iphone after school just to call her. Good thing the teacher let me off with a warning haha. I wouldn't have used his phone in the first place if the school phone allowed long distance phone calls -_-.

So after waiting for a while, Huong's dad came and we drove back to her house! We spent an hour on the computer and finally left the house. We arrived at metro, and we stayed there for an hour. Her brother came back so we went to her parent's friends house to eat Hot Pot.

It's awesome I got a new brother! ^_^ Her brother was like "From now on you are my god brother." LOL. I am someones god-brother :D
The whole time we had together, he kept emphasizing how I am his god-brother. He even said how I am too "skinny" therefore as my god-brother, it's his duty to fatten me up! He said that if I live with them in Vancouver, he will buy me a lot of juice! :D WOOT WOOT

WOW. It's good to have close friends. At first, Tay told me if I don't receive acceptance from Ryerson, I can live with her and her dad in Quesnel. He is amazing, it's almost as if he was my own father. Tay told me he always wanted to adopt someone! Plus, it's better if it's me because he known me for 7 YEARS! And it'll be cooler/funnier to get an asian kid XD.

As for Huong's family - I told them about Ryerson. Her brother was saying how he was hoping that I won't get accepted. So then I could live with them after high school in Vancouver!

Afterwards, we went back to Abby too late so we got a sleepover! We watched Hansel and Gretel until 3 am HAHA.

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