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Sunday, 27 May 2012


The day after grad comes prom! Ahh, very tiring I know. I was freaked out that morning. Tay told me she was going to pick me up at 1PM when it was around 10 but then she changed her mind. She came right away!

So then her mom came by and dropped by Julie's where I was forced into doing my hair! T_T. I was so sad. But I felt bad for feeling sad due to fact I had to wear dress and makeup when Tay is suffering more. She had an infection in her eye or something! So sad. Why must she face that horribleness on prom day?

We then went to see her daddy at Super 8 and he prepared everything for us! :D He got us flowers and everything. He is like a father I never had!

After the hawk walk, I walked outside of the building and I fell. Then a few girls laughed at me. I walked away in shame. When I see people fall down I don't think it's embarrassing but when it happens to me, I feel so embarrassed.

We took the bus to White Rock to the Pink Palace where our prom takes place.

The food did not meet up to my expectations. Especially the meat because it was not fully cooked. A bunch of people including me ended up not finishing the meat! You can see how red it is in the picture too!

The highlight of the night: The moment I was walking toward the table and a bunch of my friends (Alexa, Freddy, Lorena, Arvid, and MORE) jumped me and stripped me from my hoodie. I was fighting back but noooo... they just had to strip me off in front of everyone. They hid my hoodie and everytime I asked for it, they play dumb haha.

So then I wore Boxxy's cardigan and they were "=__=" after all that trouble they had to go through to strip me off my hoodie haha.

Freddy, Me, Tay, Bonnie

Bonnie, Alexa, Me

We are such hipsters. Instead of dancing like regular students as expected, we just go outside and lay on top one another! We are a unique family :D


During the dance, our crew laid in an isolated area. We sang "Come Clean" by Hilary Duff and acted like total weirdos.

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