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Friday, 22 June 2012

Bakerview EcoDairy

Bonnie and I went to a dairy farm today! We paid $7 each for a tour! The only place we chose to go in Abby since there's nothing else to do here! XD


We took pictures in the "face-in-hole" cutouts!

It sucks being a cow man! They all sleep in the same room and on each other's poop and pee! That sucks. And then they get milked by a machine! There were so many pregnant cows too. Then there's a poop scraper. It just collects the poop from the cows to reuse it for manure or w/e.

The scraper moves along the aisle and collects the poop!

Basically the only good thing about being a cow: getting brushed!

The food they eat grow by using their "leftovers"

The room where they make electricity out of cow crap

Now you BCers know where part of your electricity come from!

We also got to witness the cows peeing. It's like a tamed hose. There was so much water that you'd wonder when will it ever end.

After the tour, we got to watch a short animation about dairy! The lesson we learned from that video: Trust milk made in Canada. Milk from Canada is pure and nothing is added to it. So we can trust it!

There was an animal strip outside where people could pet the animals! We took a picture with every animal except the calves because they wouldn't budge an inch! And the roosters were so timid. They ran away every time we came close! All the animals looked so depressed! Well, I'd be too if I was trapped in their space.


Our tour guide

After the tour, we went to their park! It's a nice park, away from the city. The only warning is that it smells strong of manure if you go deeper. It was pretty empty, which I liked! :)


There was so much cotton raining that day! Only when we're on the field though. SO MUCH COTTON :D

The fields are a perfect place for a photograph!

If you ever plan on passing by this small city! I recommend going on this tour. It's not too expensive and not very crowded.

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