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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Castle Fun Park

Hangout day with Marvi! –Location: Castle Fun Park.

Marvi is the only female friend of mine that has her N at this age! WOOHOOO! I feel so privileged that she agreed to hang out with me. She came by and picked me up and then drove to Castle Fun Park


In case many of you non-BCers don’t know what Castle Fun Park is, it’s basically a popular two grounded arcade building. You transfer money onto a play card and for every game you just swipe the card in the machine to start. Some games you could win tickets which would be recorded onto your card after finishing a game. Then you can cash in tickets with the card. The good prizes cost like 1k tickets+ of course.
When we got there, it was unusually empty! So if you ever plan on going there don’t expect it to be as empty as in the pictures you see! Thank goodness it was not crowded. More comfort for us then!

What it looks like when you enter! You can see the entrance doors on the top right corner!

A glimpse upstairs!
Pirates was the first game we played! It was INTENSE. Zombies were everywhere and we had to shoot them down. Because we were noobs, we did not last long and it cost us 96 cents to play….

Marvi beating me in racing

THIS PLACE IS SO EXPENSIVE. It costs $4 to do the cool things like bowling, mini-golf, go carts, and so on. We spent $10 and all of it was gone after an hour and we took our time! Marvi told me how her little brother went to Castle Fun Park one time with his friend and the mom gave them each $50 to spend. They spent it all really fast like us, but we took our time. WOW. Haha.

We both got 0 points in this game =( Boy, do we suck! LOL

Because I am weak, I rocked at mini bowling =D

In the end, we sucked at so many games but we had fun together so it’s all good. We played the duck game many times though. I got 32 tickets from just one game of it! I also got Marvi 30 tickets from it! :D We cashed in our tickets for candy since we barely had enough for those dolls.

Heading out!
After we used up all of our money, we decided to just spend the rest of our time at the park! Look how green it is! It’s so empty too! I like it when it’s empty but Marvi thinks it’s bad - since it means that everyone’s unfit these days HAHA! XD The houses up on the mountains get to see an AMAZING view of this place. The view is so nice. Too bad I won’t stay in this neighbourhood for too long. It was nice living in the richest part of the city for a few months though!

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