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Friday, 15 June 2012

Last Day of High School

Finally! The very last day of high school!
I can't believe it! After 13 years we finally finished! It's been a long run, but I've met some of the most amazing people in my life! :D We all got to suffer together. Suffering together is better than suffering alone, right?

Youn Young, Me, Sarah

My favorite geeks!
The only "hug" picture I could get from them =_=

It's not even a hug!!! THEY PROMISED ME IN GRADE 11 THAT I'd get to have a picture of them hugging front view for the last day of school!

Evil Kevin decides to only hug Freddy =_=. I spent almost the entire lunch convincing him to hug Ranjot but he don't listen to me! >:( AND Ranjot was willing to!!! I guess Kevin enjoys Freddy's hugs more LOL.

Shantel, Marvi, Me | Horrible pic taken by Tyler

After school with Krystal, Chanmi and Boxxy

Top: Emm, Amy Bottom: Tyler the Geek, PILLSbury doughboy :D
Last class of the day! Marketing class - Our teacher wanted us to go outside. So Faith and I took SOOO MANY pictures haha.

My Thoughts now? Hmm.. Well I feel super mega excited for post-secondary, but at the same time I am also scared. We take school for so many years just to prepare ourselves for living expenses. Now that we've finished, we have to take the next step in life in order to provide for ourselves.

But enough of the stressful thoughts. It's all about the ending of high school! I made many memories.
Few of my memories in list form:

Grade 9:
- I was stuck in a P.E class full of athletic boys. Compared to them I was the unfittest. Whenever we had to play in teams, the teacher would pick team captains. As usual, I was picked last. But before I was last chosen the two teams were fighting over the girl who was last picked as well. They were fighting over her rather than having me on their team! =_=
- When we had to play football, my gym teacher threw the ball at me so I could catch. I caught the ball but my finger also broke. I did not know it was broken until I came home. It was all purple and fat. I couldn't even bend my finger. I had to go to the hospital to figure out what was wrong. Turns out it was broken, so I had to band it up.
- Boxxy moved to Abbotsford! One of my closest friends during high school! Now I am living with her!

Grade 10:
- I met Bonnie and became closer with Shantel { These two people are AMAZING. Shared so many good times with them! }

Grade 11
- Entered an ICBC ad drawing contest for students across BC. Won viewer's choice and received the latest iPod Touch (4th gen) 64GB. Also got featured in the local newspaper!

Grade 12  
- Teachers strike started at the beginning of the year and ended a few months before school ends.
- Freddy gave me a lap dance (ew LOL) at the Bros Winter party 
- Moved in with Boxxy!

AHH. I don't feel like posting up every significant memory. That would take FOREVER. But you can always talk to me in person if curious ^_~ that is if you only know me buaaahaaaha.

Here are a few more pics taken on Bonnie's camera. They are way better quality I know.

LOL Look at our faces! This picture was staged. My poses always look so realistic don't they! ^_~


At last,
Farewell Science Hallway Bros

I will never forget this large group of friends where we shared many laughs and fun times. SHB FTW!

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