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Friday, 27 July 2012

Niagara Falls

The first cool place I got to go to this summer in Ontario. At first I thought Annie was just going to take me to see the falls. Niagara Falls is actually a pretty cool city.

Ali picked me and Annie up and he drove to the falls. Found parking for $5. We don't actually know if the parking dude was scamming or legit. When we came back, the sign and dude disappeared.

We went to an Italian restaurant and I brought duck poutine. It's sad how I think New York Fries taste better yet this isn't fast food. Annie and Ali shared a whole pizza.

The streets are definitely designed to attract tourists! The streets make you feel as if you're in an amusement park when in reality it's the city streets!

Ali sucks at taking pictures. I had to edit this picture by straightening it and tried to make it less blurry LOL

Wax Museum!

We didn't get a chance to play any of the games in the city. There were so many haunted houses too. I've seen 3 of them but who knows if there's more. The city looks much better at night time with all the lights lit up.

Starbucks with Annie's lover

Hershey Museum

WISHLIST: These two plush chocolate friends!!!!!! Too bad they were like $40 each


On our way to the Falls!

A cool, moist, rainy day at the Falls!

Going to Maid of the Mist means you want to pay money to go on a boat with other tourists and ride along the Falls.

All of us on the boat to go under the Falls! Cost us each $20 (Adult Rate)
Gift shop hats

After the Falls, we went to the Casino. I couldn't go in since I'm underage so I stayed in the food court at first. Thank goodness the Casino provided freaking free wifi! I then moved to the hotel lobby since the connection was way better.

Many people at the casino

Turned out, Annie lost $30 and Ali $80. What a disappointment. It was late but we still headed out to the Ferris wheel before we got back home.

FANCY MINI GOLF ZONE. The volcano shoots out smoke!


Yes we are walking towards the wheel
The view from the ferris wheel! Cost $10 for each adult. There were about 5 or 6 rounds.


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