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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Pacific Mall

Finally, I got a chance to go Pmall with Annie. It's like Chinatown but inside a building. It's much cleaner and there's way more room to walk around. It's a three floored building where every store except franchises do not accept visa.

A glance upstairs

My last visit which was in 2005 or 2006 was way more crowded. I remember back then it was really hard to walk around because there were so many people. This time it was so empty compared to last time.

I love the stationary stores. It's like pretty pencil heaven. I brought 3 pencils there which totaled to $6.75 where each pencil cost $1.99. We also went to the clothing stores. Annie asked the lady how much the shorts were and the lady said 2-0-9 and I was like "that's so cheap." But then Annie told me that the lady meant $209 not $2.09. Who would seriously buy a pair of shorts costing $209!

Brought duck with rice $8. Love duck.

Empty after hours

My comparison with Crystal Mall in Vancouver: Let's just say that Crystal Mall sucks when competing with Pmall. Pmall is bigger and even though the stores are small, Crystal Mall's stores are way smaller with barely any room to walk around to look at stuff. The food court here is way bigger too. Also, if you want bubble tea, there's a bubble tea shop at every corner I swear.

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