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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Smart Maple

So Annie finally took me to Smart Maple! I have got to say that this store has got to be hands down, my favorite store! Everything inside is so beautiful omgawd.

We spent over an hour in this store. They have so many plushie friends! I wanted everything in that store! From domo backpacks to plush titties too LOL.

They have more than one location but the closest to us was Centre Point Mall. The mall is not really great by the way. It's one of those local shopping centers with small businesses.

What I brought! Here it is!!! Priced @ $7.99.

"yakult" drinks! But in piggy bank form!!!

SO whoever is reading this. If you ever plan on buying me a gift - I recommend buying it from Smart Maple. Specifically one of those plushies - and not the small ones.


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If only I could work there LOL.