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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


My bible teacher, Mariane took me to Bethel located in Georgetown, ON. When she picked me up, Debbie from Vancouver was in the car! I have not gotten to see her for MONTHS.

As we drove around bethel, there was a lot of land! They had their own apple garden and pear garden. In the tree area, they tied blue strings attached to the trunks to make their own maple syrup! It was good to hear they had their own soccer field and volleyball field.

Our tour guide on the right end

We took a picture with Jesus

Props JWs used in the past

An example of the recording that they used to carry door to door.

I'm looking through a magnifying glass where we get to see the dots in the magazine. They use multiple colours to produce one colour. As you look through the glass, you are able to see those different tones as little dots.

The magazine before it's cut
The sorted magazines for each congregation. Each gets different amount depending on the requested languages. The tags sticking out refer to the quantity stacked for each congregation.

We then got to eat lunch! First we prayed then we passed the food around the table and at 12:30 we prayed again. They were serving pork, and strawberry cake. I got to sit by a sister named Allison and she used to help translate to Vietnamese.

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