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Friday, 26 October 2012

Say Hello to the PETS

Hey friends, I've always been referring to these animal nuisances by their mammal group. But today, I will share with you their real names and how evil they are. In pictures, they might look innocent and all but do not be deceived. They are actually evil!

1) Goldy Look at this lil creeper. This dude is BC aunt's son - the one she could not afford to raise. Now he lives with us and creates trouble. He is very EXPENSIVE to raise.

He has stomach problems and he had to go in for surgery a few years back. It cost around 5 grand for the surgery, but my BC aunt cried. The vet felt sorry for her and recommended a cheaper place. I think it was around 1 thousand. So then my aunt had to travel all the way to that place to do the surgery.

He pukes almost everyday! It is fun to watch but it is not fun at all to clean it up. In this big house, 90% of the area is non carpet. Whenever he pukes, it happens to be on the rugs, beds, and chairs.

If he eats the other cat's food then he pukes right after. We preorder medical food for him which is way more expensive. And the amount in the can is not even half as much as the regular food for cats. He can't even eat regular cat crunch too.

When I first came here, I wanted revenge on BC aunt for all the built up anger she gave me. It started out with me pushing him down whenever he passed by. Nowadays, I pick him up and vigorously shake him. I push him down with my feet and splashing water on him to dry my hands.

I do not mean for anyone to see this happen, but sometimes my family catch me harassing this cat. Bobby thinks I do this because I secretly like Goldy.

Little do they know the reason why I bully this cat LOL.

2) Brownie This dog is meaner than the average family pet! He bites strangers, so we tie him up whenever guests come. He is constantly barking when strangers are near him.

Brownie is a whiny lil fella! I am always his second option! Whenever nobody's home, he goes to me and whines.

3) Kitty It's funny how this critter's name is actually Kitty. Well this was originally a stray cat. It followed my cousins home when they were children. Ever since, they kept the cat and nurtured it.

He is super dirty compared to Goldy. Goldy is always licking himself. Kitty licks himself like once a week. So that means he bathes once a week. Sometimes he rubs his face against my face and my face starts feeling itchy.

Look closely at him, there's dandruff on his body. Diiiiirrrttty, dirrrtty cat!

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