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Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Glance Around My Campus

It's been three weeks since the beginning of student life! Luckily, my campus is located downtown Toronto - the heart of the city. Be jealous, folks! :P

Everything is located down there! The list goes from Eaton Center, Staples, Dollarama, and a Starbucks on practically every corner. Convenience speaks for itself. It's an ideal place to hang out with friends during breaks.

But downtown was not as glamorous as I pictured it would be. The pictures on the internet show the bright city lights! With all the editing and lighting of the photos, of course it's something to look forward to see in person. After entering the streets, I got lost since the buildings looked too similar to each other. The business buildings were all so tall and grey. Now that three weeks passed, I've gotten used to the area and find it a lot easier to navigate around.

When I walk on the sidewalks, there are so many smokers surrounding me. If you are someone that hates the smell and thought of smoke then you would understand my feelings. Smokers who are reading this can just skip to the next paragraph... Just never expect a smoke-free visit around downtown for more than 3 minutes. Since Toronto has a high population, there are more smokers here than in other cities!

The streets are so dirty compared to Robson St in Vancouver. There are so many cigarette butts and old gum marks on the roads. When I was in Vancouver I remember how I was amazed at how clean the sidewalks were. Don't quote me on that. Downtown Van is not as clean as I mentioned. I'm just speaking about Robson St in West Vancouver. Granville Island, Robson St, Stanley Park and the beach are in the richest part of Vancouver. In my opinion, those are the locations that are considered relatively clean compared to the poorer downtown locations in Van. Downtown T.O is too grey and needs more colour!

Perhaps it is because I had friends with me back when I visited downtown Vancouver in the summer and that's why I had high expectations for Toronto as well. Then again, I have not visited Waterfront St in T.O. I have heard about how beautiful it is. Maybe, my mind will change after I see that area.

Moving on, you might want to ask yourself if you a nice person? If you are, be careful. I'm not talking about drug dealers or thieves, but be careful around those things as well. What I want to explain is that once you're near Dundas Square or Eaton Center, there are always those kind of people that want you to donate money. I, myself am not a typical nice person. I always try to rush past those people wanting donations. So far I've been around Dundas about 4 times; probably a lot more by the time this semester ends. Anyways, I've "donated" money about 2 times and I feel really bad afterwards because students are poor in general. There's no proof whether those "donations" are legit. One lady walked up to me and she was not very well groomed wearing a big dirty jacket. She gave me a sticker of a smiley face and asked for a donation for some cause. Here are some tips that I always tell myself how to avoid these situations.

1. Wear earbuds to look like you can't hear anyone, look down, and rush past those people.
2. Pretend to text or speak to someone on the phone until you are past them.
Leave a comment if you have more ways to avoid these situations.

I've also noticed a street with HUGE banks. They are all neighboring each other. People who are used to living in main cities will probably think I do not get out much! But I've never been inside such big banks before.


I entered Scotiabank, and the ceiling was huge. All the tellers were in a roundabout.

I'm just going to post up pictures now.

You can seriously just walk to the cinema to watch a movie with friends after class. But I've heard this one sucks.

Moss Park
SO SIMILAR TO GRANVILLE MARKET IN VAN. The interior gave me nostalgic feelings of high school days with friends.

St. James Cathedral


Bonnie Huynh said...

Man Toronto is so nice! Again wish i was there. Soon hopefully :D

N said...

Yeah I wish you were here with me too! :'( Can't wait until we reunite.