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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

CN Tower

Although I live in Toronto, I do not just walk by tourist attractions and pay money to enter whenever. Boxxy came to the city and we planned to just chill at Eaton. However, the visit to the CN Tower was totally unexpected.

Since we did not prepare for the visit, we were not able to get good quality photos. All these photos were taken on Boxxy's iphone.


When we went outside, we could not take a good picture of the city since there were fences safeguarding people from falling. So we decided to take a picture of our reflection. It's cool, right? XD Also, you can see us standing on a section of the glass floor.

I would not suggest anyone to visit the CN Tower unless they know what to expect. People usually expect more from paying $32 for general admission. Yes, that was the cheapest price that we were able to get. You could pay $12 bucks extra to reach the very top or more for other stuff.

But overall, we were expecting more than just a visual of the city from a height. That's pretty much what the CN Tower visit is all about. I do not think that seeing the city at such a high height is worth paying $32 for. But if you're willing to pay money for that, then so be it.

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